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About Ready Dog Products

This story starts when my Black Lab Jet injured himself while on an early morning training expedition. Jet had an encounter with a broken bottle submerged in a lake. The cut was so severe that it lacerated an artery and two tendons in his leg. Unfortunately, I was unprepared for this life threatening injury and had to make do with a sweatshirt for a bandage and dirty piece of rope for a tourniquet. Despite my efforts, Jet lost an almost lethal amount of blood before I was able to get him medical attention. I went to a human emergency room, because it was early in the morning and I did not know where else to take him. The story ended well with Jet making a full recovery (except for a chronic limp). The reality is I was LUCKY. Since that day, I vowed I would be ready to provide field assistance to my dogs should any future need occur. I carry a first aid kit on every hunting, training and trialing outing; and have had occasions to use it. I speak from experience when I tell you there is not a more desperate feeling then to be faced with a life threatening injury to your animal and being unprepared to give aid.

Our first aid kits go beyond typical dog first aid.  Ready Dog First Aid Kits prepare you for nearly any situation you might encounter while afield with your dog. Most commercial first aid kits assist in minor injuries, but Ready Dog gives you the tools to deal with trauma and serious injury when immediate veterinary care is not available.

Please take a few minutes to look at our site and compare what we offer with any other commercial canine kit. We believe there is no comparison. Should you decide to purchase one of our kits, I hope you will never have the occasion to use it. Unfortunately, if you are an avid hunter, trainer, or trialer you most likely will. So be READY.

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